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Applegate Teeples Drilling Co., Inc.

Our Services

Welcome to Applegate Teeples Drilling Co., Inc.

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

 Some of Our Services...
*Drain Well rejuvenation
*Pipeline Cleaning
*Sign Holes
  Family traditions and quality service are important to our company.  We believe in providing quality service.

Some of our Equipment Includes,
*Auger Rig
*Vac Trucks
*Drilling Rigs

Our address:

Applegate Teeples Drilling  Co., Inc.
621 9th Street
Modesto, CA.

Phone: (209)236-1700
Fax:      (209)236-1725

Or email us below

email our company at

License # 875920


Please get in touch we will be happy to help you.

Please call or Fax for Info.
Phone (209)236-1700
Fax  (209)236-1725